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2005 Taiwan Cheng-Shiu University (Super Micro Mass Research and Technology Center) adopted CALUX Assay for food analysis.
1998 Hiyoshi started CALUX validation with XDS.
2003 Ministry of the Environment (MOE) established Dioxin screening method study group.
2004 Revision of Law Concerning Special Measures against Dioxins. (biological approved as official method)
2005 CALUX assay approved as an official method.
1999 The CALUX Assay for screening of dioxin contamination in chicken meat in Belgium.
2000 The Belgium Scientific Institute of Public Health (SIPH) adopted the CALUX Assay for food, feed and biological analysis.
2002 The CALUX Assay was used for EU food and feed regulation.
EC directive: adopted biological assays for screening methods.
2003 The Belgium Federal Feedings Laboratory adopted the CALUX Assay for feed analysis.
2005 The Poland National Veterinary Research Institute in Pulawy adopted the CALUX Assay for feed and soil analysis.
1998 XDS was awarded patents in America and Canada for CALUX technologies.
2001 The Food and Drug Administration adopted CALUX Assay for food analysis.
2002 The Environmental Protection Agency adopted the CALUX Assay for biosolid analysis and designated it as US EPA method 4435.

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