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  The CALUX Assay is a dioxin screening bioassay categorized as a reporter-gene assay. It can measure dioxin faster and is less expensive than traditional instrumental methods. It has been approved as an official method in Japan for measuring emission gas, dust, ashes, and other cinders. See more details (Japanese only). It was also approved as an official analysis method by the US EPA in 2007 (Method 4435).
 It can be used for monitoring and screening for dioxin inventories, generation control, remediation, etc.
  Chemical Structure of Dioxins
Hiyoshi began a joint study with XDS in 1998 and came to a licensing agreement in 2000. Since then, Hiyoshi has been working to promote the CALUX Assay in Japan and in Asia. Meanwhile, we have participated in many joint studies with governmental institutes, universities and private companies to prove the superiority of the CALUX Assay.

The CALUX Assay can be used for dioxin analysis of environmental matrices such as soil, sediment, ash, water, exhaust gas, as well as biological matrices such as blood, breast milk, fatty tissue, and food matrix as fish or daily products.

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