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High sensitivity, low detection limit 0.19pgTEQ/well, makes the necessary sample amount smaller.
Solid sample (e.g. fly ash): 3.5g, aqueous samples (e.g. water): 3.5L, vapor (e.g. exhaust gas) 3.5m3.
Because the CALUX Assay can be performed without the need for expensive analysis equipment (i.e. HRGC/HRMS), and by adopting the original methods for extraction and purification using the sulfuric acid column and active carbon column, it has abbreviated the analysis process resulting in a lower cost for analysis.
Instrumental methods using HRGC/HRMS are complex and the turn-around time for sample analysis can be long.  Because the cells using in the CALUX Assay are sensitive and highly responsive, analysis time is significantly reduced as compared to that of instrumental methods.
By not using complex instrumentation like HRGC/HRMS, and by using patented extraction and purification methods (i.e. sulfuric acid silica gel and active carbon columns), preparation methods are made much easier.
Numerous blinded validation and research studies have shown that results obtained using CALUX and HRGC/HRMS are highly correlated to each other.  What’s more, because CALUX shows a higher analytical value than HRGC/HRMS, there are fewer instances of dangerous underestimation of the degree of site contamination.  In addition, because the CALUX Assay was proven to be a biosensor system capable of A-class ratings, it is a trusted and usable screening system.

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