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Dioxin-like compounds analysis
Biological assay
Environment measurement certification services
Air quality and drinking water quality analysis
Work environment analysis
Product, ingredient and material analysis (WEEE/RoHs)
Environmental consult
Health laboratory services
Drinking water, and sewerage facilities
Industrial and domestic waste treatment facilities
Industrial and domestic waste water treatment facility
General and commercial-buildings
Automatic water and air monitoring devices

Water treatment chemicals
Incinerator chemicals
Antifreeze agent
High-pressure gas sales (carbon dioxide, chlorine, oxygen)
Agrochemicals and fertilizer
Poisonous material manufacturing
Other chemicals (water reducing agent for concrete)
  Domestic and industrial waste transport and treatment
Sweeping and dredging
Road maintenance and management
Sewage pipeline maintenance
Recycle waste collecting
General freight
Water pollution control works (Repairing, designing, constructing work, and others)
Electrical works (Water treatment control panel, remote control systems, and others)
General construction work (Civil engineering and construction)
Incinerating facilities dismantle and cleaning
Fitted briefs sales, removal and disposal
Renting and lease businesses
Industrial Chemical Sales
City Environmental Conservation
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